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Do You Need to Invest in a New Artificial Turf?

Installing artificial turf in your front yard, garden, terrace, or rooftop is a great way to enhance the utility of the area and make it look more appealing and attractive. Artificial turf is made of synthetic materials that are highly resistant to damage, but that doesn’t mean your artificial turf will never get damaged. Like everything else, it’ll become old and worn out with time. There will come a point when you’ll have to invest in new artificial turf. If you aren’t sure if you should invest in a new artificial turf just yet, give this blog post a read.

Visible Damage

If you’ve got a BBQ grill or a fire pit in the area where there’s artificial turf, the chances of damage are quite high. You may accidentally burn it or spill oil on it. These visible damages can make your artificial turf look unattractive and rather ugly if you don’t do something about it. If the artificial turf is just stained, you can try cleaning it, but damages like burns and oil spills can’t be fixed, and your best option is new artificial turf.

Foul Odor

If you’ve got pets around, the artificial turf will experience a lot of pee and poop accidents. If you use the area with artificial turf for dinners, there will also be frequent juice spills. All of the mess can be cleaned from the surface, but the liquid can get absorbed quickly. The absorbed liquids can lead to your artificial turf smelling extremely foul. If you don’t deep-clean the artificial turf regularly, be prepared to have the area smelling unbearably bad. When that happens, the only option you’ve got is to invest in new artificial turf installation.

Faded Appearance

Since the artificial turf is exposed to sunlight all day long, the UV rays of the sun will cause the color to fade. You may choose not to get a new artificial turf if the present one has faded, but a faded artificial turf looks aesthetically unappealing and unattractive. If you’re conscious about the aesthetics of your property, you may want to consider new artificial turf installation.

Loose Sections

Artificial turfs are installed in sections. They’re installed with close attention to detail to ensure the seams and joints aren’t visible. However, one or more sections may come loose, or their seams may start to show. This is when you should consider new artificial turf installation. Showing seams and joints are a visual turn-off which is the last thing you would want.

One of the primary reasons why people get artificial turfs installed is to enhance the aesthetics of their property, and old and worn-out artificial turf has just the opposite effect. If you think your property could benefit from a new artificial turf installation, hire reliable professionals for the job and upgrade the appearance of your front yard!