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Gold Canyon Pet Turf 

Artificial Grass For Pets: Making Pet Owners Lives Easier

Aside from dirt, real grass often leads to a lot of problems with pets. Improper sculpting or laying of a real turf could lead to harm. Our professionals in Gold Canyon, AZ have the tools and knowledge to address any areas of concern. Seams and edges will be addressed, ensuring that it is safe for your loved ones.

A place to play is good for the health of pets and pet owners alike. An aesthetically pleasing clean environment will lead to less stress. You won’t even have to worry about your pet digging up and destroying the artificial turf for pets you’ll get from us. Our materials are durable and remain in good condition even after rough play.

Pet Poo? No Problem

Artificial turf for pets is made with consideration of the furballs. It is odor-resistant and easy to clean. Liquids will pass through for absorption in the ground. In case of some poo, then a quick scoop plus a rinse is the only thing you need. The infills of the turf have antimicrobial properties which prevent bacteria buildup.

The turf is also stain-resistant and pets have enough insight to know that they can’t eat synthetic grass. Regardless, our turfs contain no lead and are toxin-free. Artificial turfs have been manufactured with strict safety standards.

Wet or Dry

During the hot and dry months in Goldcanyon, AZ, synthetic grass remains relatively cooler and can dissipate heat quickly. For safety, it is recommended to place water using a hose or sprinkler on the surface to quickly cool it. This is to ensure that your pet avoids getting uncomfortable and avoids any nasty slow burns. A quick spray will be enough for your pet’s playtime.

Of course, regardless of weather conditions or things that your pet will do when he’s on the artificial turf, you must still spare some time to inspect the artificial grass for any potential hazard that can harm your beloved companion.

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